First Mile Geo

Make Informed Decisions

First Mile Geo enables your business to collect, manage,
and use spatial information inside emerging markets.

Get started
collect data
capture insights
monitor change

All on a single platform

Connect your data collection
directly to analytics in the cloud.


Expose the power of spatial insights
without complicated software or training needed.
Create dashboards with the critical metrics you care about and have them emailed automatically on a daily or weekly basis.
Set up email alerts so you can be instantly informed of important changes & trends in your data.
Collaborate with others in your organization, with access controls for different roles, and support for multiple languages simultaneously.
Flexible input methods work with the existing processes in your business, instead of disrupting them.
Need to drill deeper?
Use our advanced analytical tools like weighted indexing to derive meaning from many metrics combined together.
Easy exports into industry-standard formats.
No lock-in here.
Stay ahead of your competitors by making
data driven decisions in complex business landscapes.
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