One Workflow Made Easy

A unified platform across the enterprise to task data for collection, visualize results, and collaborate in real time. No overhead, no collector management, no tech teams.

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First Mile Geo Features

Micro-task Collection

Task trained data collectors to capture data in a fraction of the cost or time.

Analyze Results

Real-time quality control, interactive maps, dashboards, briefing documents and alerts. All in one place.

Easily collaborate in teams

Setup real-time monitoring and executive briefings distributed at any level in your organization or across a portfolio for corporate learning.

Case Studies

Find Out How Other Organizations Are Leveraging First Mile Geo

Easily Scale Across
The Enterprise

Start with a specific project or initiative and soon you’ll find how easy it is to scale the platform across the enterprise.

Regional managers and P&L leads in your business can generate real-time dashboards and reports from data across topics, locations, and teams, building a core base of corporate knowledge end to end.

  • Cross-Language Support for Scaling Globally
  • Notifications With Contingent Logic

Client Testimonials

  • “Forget waiting weeks for data to be tabulated, translated, and interpreted, First Mile Geo offers the full process so we see our data immediately in any language.”

    Nathaniel Rosenblatt,

  • “For the first time we were able to control the analysis at our fingertips, and now can better understand, visualize, and articulate changes...with very little data analysis experience required.”

    Ben Rempell,

  • “First Mile Geo balances providing complex data management tools whilst remaining accessible for non-technical users. I've worked with clients to use in in many places and highly recommend it.”

    Helena Puig Larrauri,

    Build Up
  • “Delivers insight directly from the field that is easily managed, actionable, and immensely valuable for monitoring performance without the technical hassle.”

    Lauren Kelly,

    World Bank

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